Dear Aman Union Members,

We are pleased to announce the launch of the 1st Aman Union Annual Awards which highlight the great accomplishments of institutions and individuals that are driving the commercial & non-commercial risks insurance industry forward. The Aman Union will present awards to two categories:

  1.  Exceptional Performance by Aman Union members

         Eligibility Criteria:

Nominee must be Aman Union Full member that can demonstrate a combination of some or all of the following technical criteria:

  • Use a case study(s) to demonstrate how the AU member has responded to an insurance transaction the size and scope of which takes it well beyond the routine.
  • A transaction that gives rise to a large and complex techniques of insurance and/or reinsurance.
  • Demonstrate impact on business and income growth in addition to promotion of social and/or economic development in AU countries.
  • Demonstrate direct cooperation between AU members and the benefits of such cooperation (Joint marketing, business development or communication activities).
  • Evidence of success in applying new technology, product innovation and digital implementation.
  • Testimonials from Client/business partners


  1. Best research paper or thesis of the year

        Eligibility Criteria:

Open to individuals from ALL AMAN UNION Members and to industry professionals who may not be part of the Union satisfying the following requirements:

  1.  Evidence of contributing creatively to the industry development.
  2.  Evidence of any value-added services or support responding to a specific demand of the industry.
  3.  Helped the wider industry through their academic work with insurers, regulators, politicians… etc. to effect a notable change that benefits the industry.
  4.  Professionals’ testimonials.


General Terms and conditions:


  1. The awarded project/paper should cover the period between two consecutive AU annual meetings (October 2019 – 31st October 2020).
  2. You may apply for both categories; however, each category needs to be submitted separately.
  3. Applicants have the right to withdraw their nomination at any time.
  4. Nominees for both categories may be required to submit extra information as requested by AU awards committee.
  5. AU secretariat and the prize committee reserve the right to verify the validity of the information provided.
  6. The AU awards committee has the right to make the final determination about the winners.
  7. All decisions by the awards committee are final.
  8. Information on the winners will be published on the official AU website and circulated by email to all members.
  9. Winners agree that AU can use their images for promotional and marketing purposes across all media.
  10. AU is not responsible for the content or privacy policies or copyrights associated with elected deal or research paper; it is the sole responsibility of the nominee.
  11. By submitting their nomination, nominees accept the general terms and conditions.


We are now accepting Award nominations. To nominate your institution and/or yourself, you have until the 31st October 2020 to submit your applications/papers by email to the Secretariat.  Your nominations for each category will be reviewed by the Aman Union Awards Committee. The shortlisted candidates will be submitted to the vote of the Aman Union members and the winners will be officially announced one week prior to the Aman Union Annual Meeting which will be held virtually in December 2020. Both Award winners will receive a trophy and a certificate. The second award winner will receive an additional gift of nominal value.


We look forward to receiving your nominations.

Best Regards,

Maram Tubaileh

Coordinator, Aman Union Secretariat

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