Winners of the Awards for the year 2020

The Aman Union proudly presents the Winners of the Awards for the year 2020
The Winner of the First Award Category “Exceptional Performance by an AU member” is the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) for their support to the development and execution Thermal and Renewable Energy Project in Iraq.
This Award recognizes an AU member’s response to an insurance transaction of the size and scope well beyond routine with the purpose of promoting social and economic impact in the host country while applying new technology, product innovation or digital implementation. This was open to AU Full Members only.

The Winner of the Second Award Category “Best Research Paper” is Dr. Özge Tosun, Assistant Manager at Turk Eximbank for the paper on Surety Bond Dilemma in Turkish Insurance.
Surety Bond Dilemma in Turkish Insurance

This Award recognizes research papers & thesis which contribute creatively to development of the credit and political risk insurance industry. his Award was open to all individuals from AU member or non-member institutions.
The winners were selected by the Aman Union Awards Committee and rated based on the evaluation criteria for each award category.
We’d like to congratulate the winners for their accomplishments and contribution to the industry. Both category winners will be awarded their prize at the upcoming Annual Meeting of Aman Union in Dubai.
We would also like to thank all institutions and professionals who submitted their remarkable projects and papers for the AU 2020 Awards and wish them success in upcoming AU Awards.